Son Fuck Own Mother

Son Fuck Own Mother

Tina groaned as her son pushed his cock deep down her pussy. He had been fucking her for a week straight, and even though she couldn’t remember how it started she felt, desired, her son continue to use her. After all she was his property.
Finished, he pulled out and reached down grabbing some cum from her pussy. Tina turned around and looked at her son as she licked it off his fingers. “Good job slut, pretty soon I think I’m going to make that pretty little tummy pregnant.” Tina just smiled, touching her stomache. She wanted to be a good wife for her son, she wanted to have his baby, and somewhere, deep down, she was still wondering, what the fuck is happening.
What was happening was simple. Her son had been priming his mother for months, sneaking pills and semen into her food. Filling her mind with nonsense at night. When she couldn’t take it anymore she came to him. To use her. To fuck her. To be his toy. He smiled as went to shower, his mother still in the bedroom, gently rocking with a psychotic smile on her face, cum dripping out of her cunt.

son fucked his own mother

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